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Who We Are
Tomorrow’s Lab is the research arm of the Emerging Scholars Initiative. We are a dynamic team of multi-disciplinary experts dedicated to shaping a better tomorrow.

Our Vision
We aim to be a leading research hub for early career researchers at the University of Pretoria.

We are committed to cultivating links between diverse methodologies, and creative research designs and encourage unconventional thinking. We embrace the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration and strive to channel this synergy to drive meaningful change.

Our Approach

We confront complex and often uncomfortable questions through our challenge-based learning approach (>>link to “our approach” tab). The cross-disciplinary essence of our approach helps scholars examine, and often develop, new perspectives that we can rigorously test, refine and benchmark in real-world settings. Our commitment to benchmarking ensures that our research has a tangible, real-world impact, making a difference in the communities and contexts where it matters most.

Promoting Early Career Scholars
We are committed to growing early career scholars across the African continent. We provide support and create collaborative opportunities for scholars keen to engage in cutting-edge research.

Join Us in Shaping the Future
With Tomorrow’s Lab you can challenge the status quo, explore the unknown and create chart a better future for your community and the world!

our approach

Challenge-Based Learning (CBL)

Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) emphasises active learning, problem-solving, experimentation and community involvement. CBL encourages scholars from different disciplines and locations to collaborate and tackle intricate challenges. This multi-disciplinary approach enriches our understanding of problems and helps us test our solutions in real-world settings. The CBL methodology has been used by schools around the world and blue-chip companies such as Apple to highlight global perspectives and develop evidence-based solutions.

Sharing the Outcomes

The CBL approach relies on its ability to share its findings. At ESI, we are able to do this through our open-source publishing unit, ESI Press, that hosts accredited journals on the UPJournals platform, and publishes peer-reviewed books and monographs.

Tomorrow’s Lab also communicates our findings through engaging dialogues, insightful blog posts, impactful conference presentations and enriching training initiatives. As an academic hub, the ESI eco-system provides a comprehensive environment that encourages the development of future academics.

our work

Our work areas are shaped by the challenges identified in communities. We are dedicated to tackling issues with a profound impact on our shared future.

Have you encountered a pressing problem in your community? Or maybe you’re wrestling with a burning question that warrants our collective focus? Let us know! Together, we can spark discussions, devise innovative solutions and take significant strides toward shaping a brighter future, starting today.


Future- Democracy

Future- methodologies


Welcome to our Events and Training Hub

Explore a world of knowledge and collaboration through our upcoming events and training programs. We are committed to advancing the future sciences, fostering partnerships with emerging scholars, and collectively addressing the complex challenges of tomorrow.

Upcoming Events and Training Programs

Discover a wide range of opportunities for intellectual enrichment and skill development. Join us in our journey to explore emerging frontiers, tackle pressing issues, and pioneer innovative solutions. Stay tuned for our latest offerings and take an active part in shaping the future of academia and beyond.

Future Sciences symposium

We can look at hosting an annual symposium that brings together experts, researchers etc. We can feature some keynote speakers panel discussion etc.


Transdisciplinary Workshops

Organize interdisciplinary workshops where experts from various disciplines come together to collaborate on real-world challenges. Encourage researchers to work on projects that bridge the gaps between traditionally distinct fields.

Policy Hackathons

Organise hackathons focused on solving real-world policy challenges. Bring together political science students, data analysts, and technologists to develop innovative solutions for issues such as election security, public service delivery, or democratic engagement

Public Engagement Campaigns

Launch public engagement campaigns aimed at addressing the specific issues identified within a community and or common issues like voter apathy pr service delivery issues. We can facilitate dialogue between citizens, political leaders and academics in community areas.

Futures Thinking Workshops

Offer training in futures thinking and scenario planning. These workshops can help participants ( can target some corporates to earn some money) anticipate and prepare for future challenges. Aim is to help policymaker and business to make informed decisions. Based on CBL.

publications & Media


Step into the realm of knowledge, insights, and innovation. In our Publications and Media section, we bring you a curated collection of thought-provoking articles, research papers, and multimedia content. Explore the latest findings, expert perspectives, and thought leadership pieces that bridge the gap between academia and the wider world. Join us on a journey of discovery, where we share our passion for learning, innovation, and making a meaningful impact on the world.


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