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This project contributes to efforts to safeguard the future of our Earth. Driven by the global climate crisis, our efforts acknowledge the significance of conceptualising climate-related challenges and aim to contribute to the trajectory of our shared destinies.

We want more people to understand the challenges climate shifts pose, the impact of environmental dynamics and encourage more people to participate in developing conservation efforts. This requires that we amplify the voices of young Africans and help them shape the discourse around our shared future on this planet.


Welcome to Project Earth!

Project Earth is a collaborative project between ESI’s Tomorrow’s Lab division and the Leadership for Conservation in Africa. The project will kickstart conversations around the environment, climate change and conservation with young people in South Africa, the African continent and the world. We believe that the environment is a shared responsibility, and as researchers and citizens of tomorrow, it is our duty to spread knowledge and awareness about the current state of our natural world, to as many people as possible.

While there is a wealth of scientific information available, it is often not easily accessible or understandable for the average person. Therefore, we are employing various methods, including compiling a glossary, publishing several academic articles, hosting a series of lectures and supervising postgraduate research on the theme, as well as facilitating discussions between students and experts. All these initiatives will create awareness about the environment, the effects of climate change and the need for conservation.

Our team is diverse, composed of linguists, conservationists, scientists, and researchers across various fields and specialisations. Together, this team will use its skills and expertise to drive a more climate conscious and sustainable world.

Join us on this journey, as we work towards a healthier planet, a more engaged community and a sustainable future for all!


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